Retail Assist
Brand owners using AP Link's retail support services can achieve faster turnaround and better results without high investment outlay.

Sales rebates and price protection policy are common strategies to encourage retailers to maintain healthy level of inventories and good sales attainment. Accurate stock information captured regularly is critical to ensure rebates are paid correctly.

AP Link retail support team are empowered with mobile tools to ensure field work to support/train retailers and capture/validate data from retail stores can done responsively and with high level of accura

Retail data captured at retail stores are synchronised to our backend server within the same day. Detail reports and analysis are available online at our Retail Intelligence Portal for our marketing programs team to evaluate, review and plan the next campaign or activity.


This application is uniquely designed to evaluate your competitive edge in the marketplace. This is covertly performed in designated stores by detailed evaluation on brand competitiveness, brand visibility and sales staff loyalty.

The key functions of our Mystery Shopping mobile service include capturing retail data on a mobile platform, performing data analysis to assess the business and proposing solutions to improve sales, service and business performance.


  • Convenient and fuss-free method of collecting retail data
  • Customization of app features according to client's requirements
  • Provision of data analysis and report


Mobile Inventory Audit is designed to ease the process of stock count in designated stores. Users can tap on the real-time mobile platform to perform stock count instead of relying on manual paperwork, and thus eliminating human errors. The stock count data can then serve as useful audit purpose to verify sold goods and to facilitate price protection management.


  • Hassle-free stock count using barcode scan
  • Auditable
  • Instant review of inventory audit data
  • Cover a wide geographical reach of store locations
  • Increase productivity with efficient manpower allocation

Mystery Shopping App: Menu view

Retail Inventory App: Barcode Scan

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